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Pianist and composer of classical music

F. Adebiyi

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Upon the recommendation of RCM Piano Professor and WPTA President Dr. Dorian Leljak, I have accepted the invitation to become the World Piano Teachers Association (WPTA) UK-Composition President.

I am entirely committed to the task of a seamless, yet vigorous movement in bringing new works of classical music to the stage.

Indeed, premiers are nice. But I am most concerned with repeat performances.
The doors to the classical canon are open to those who dare to twist the handle.

After just under three centuries of musical enlightenment (in some ways, not all) - now is the time for us to sincerely decipher what it is that makes classical music so particularly remarkable, and seek to build upon those foundations.

I am a graduate of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (MMus in Composition) and the University of Birmingham (BMus). I am 







All that I have done so far, and shall continue to do is for the sake of art. 

From childhood, it has been made clear to me that my contribution to our 21st century society will be through the field of classical music. 

In parallel with the thriving STEM, Legal, Marketing and Medical fields, it is important that classical musicians and educators preserve the fundamental principles of classical music whilst also ensuring that these perennial principles undergo just and frequent scrutiny.

It is my task to actively address the the recent lack of vehement scrutiny in our classical music field. Contrary to the clichéd wails of classical music faltering in relevancy,  in actual fact, our art is very much alive.


However, at the same time, I believe that it is certainly true that we have rested on our laurels. For a long while, we have been complacent. We have relied upon the musical giants who centuries ago walked this very earth  - from Lully to Liszt, Tallis to Tchaikovsky, Bach to Brahms and Monteverdi to Mahler. The significant contributions of our these musicians has been, and will continue to be everlasting - and for good reason. Their music is distinct to them whilst at the same time in synthesis with the universal mind, the soul. 

There are many classical musicians that are present with with us today of whom are ready to take on the challenge of adding to the established canon of classical works.

I encourage all appreciators of classical music to willfully partake in the necessary cause of bringing newly written classical music to the stage in a way which assimilates with the long-established temperament and true character of our art.
In our era, there are many possible avenues - most of which appear to be rather radical. However, as for I, and some of you, I am committed to the task of seamless addition of new works as opposed to outright displacement.

We must sincerely decipher what it is that makes classical music so particularly remarkable, and seek to build upon those foundations.

Very soon, there will be a resurgence in the performance of new classical works, of the highest standard, and of distinct quality, which maintain and perpetuate the principles upon which the genre was founded. This is a certainty. It will happen.


In the words of Pep Guardiola, "We will be there".

Mr F. Adebiyi

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